Remote Firing Platform

A remote firing fixture is principally designed to put distance between the examiner and a suspect faulty firearm. It is progressively more difficult finding an effective means of protecting the examiner from the punishing effects of recoil inflicted by the newer generation of high-power weapons.

CyberNational’s Remote Firing Platform is available as an accessory for CyberNational’s Bullet Recovery System and as a stand-alone fixture custom-engineered to your existing Bullet Recovery Tank.

For more information, download the Remote Firing System Brochure.


  • Adjusts within seconds to any size firearm, from 50 BMG to pocket Derringer.
  • Accepts semi-auto weapons with full magazine in place.
  • Simple lever switch actuates a pneumatic cylinder and soft rubber gripper to hold buttstock or handgun grips w/300 lbs force.
  • Firearm can be discharged from local position for recoil isolation, or remotely if suspect faulty weapon.

Safety Shooting Platform

CyberNationals custom safety shooting platform provides the safest and most comfortable position for firing and recovery. Our platform is designed to roll, so that you can move it out of the way when you are not using it. Measuring 48” long, 24” wide and 40” tall and constructed out of 1/8” aluminum checker decking, this platform is stable, sturdy, lightweight, customizable and movable. Also, the platform comes with an accessory tray for firearms and ammunition. Some say we’ve thought of everything for the firearms forensics examiner—they might be right.

For more information, download the Safety Shooting Platform Brochure.

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