Ballistic Box

Our Ballistic Box is designed to accommodate those extreme high velocity/frangible projectiles that may otherwise disintegrate when fired into water. Extended, variable-angle shooting port and barrel rest increase examiner safety and comfort.

Featuring a 100% Stainless Steel  Construction

The Ballistic Box’s 8′ x 10.5” x10.5” rectangular tube contains 7 ft. of highly packed, neatly layered medical cotton. It includes a compression crank to compact the cotton for better stopping power and releases the cotton for easy retrieval. The beefy steel tube mounts on a center pivot height adjustment which allows a fully adjustable shooting angle, and the four-sided enclosure opens completely in half for ease of retrieval. The entire platform rolls on heavy-duty locking casters.

Ease of retrieval for bullets or brass is the hallmark of this system. Customized to meet any requirement, the Ballistic Box has an 11 ga. S-S tube is fabricated with an extended shooting port which is generously vented on three sides, a barrel-rest insert machined from 1-inch solid HMW, a 5/8” steel stop plate, and will be shipped with a “self-healing” flame deflector. The completely stainless steel construction eliminates the need for paint and insures a long, maintenance-free life for your valuable equipment.

For more information, download the Ballistic Box Brochure.

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