Bullet Recovery System

CyberNational’s Bullet Recovery System is a completely self-contained unit with customization to meet any size and requirements.

The CyberNational Bullet Recovery System is proof-tested to 13,000 ft-lbs. (50 BMG) before leaving our facility.

The all-stainless containment vessel is constructed of 1/4” thick stainless steel and/or 3/8″ thick stainless steel in the bottom and far side, offering 28% to 50% greater protection and strength than 3/16″ thick tanks.

Additional, every abutment welded 4 times, TIG inside & outside and MIG inside & outside to assure a lifetime of leak-free service.

System includes a 6″ diameter shooting-port, gleaming white HDPE mat, ½ HP stainless commercial grade water pump and high performance cartridge filter. Heavy gauge stainless lid insures no projectile can leave the containment vessel. Lid is raised and lowered by twin pneumatic actuators. The lid construction is such that water or condensation does not drain outside the tank when operated.

Easy Bullet Recovery

A single lever activates the recovery wand, enabling the examiner in just moments to vacuum 15 or more 44 magnums and all fragments in a single sweep.

Self Contained Ventilation

A high-pressure turbine blower pulls air from around the shooter, into the vessel, through a 30 percent pre-filter and into a laboratory-certified 99.97 percent HEPA filter to insure no injurious levels of particulates, lead or odor are released into the workspace.

Product Specifications

The 60” Tank.48high unit has a “footprint” of 15′ 2″ x 5′ and a maximum lid-open height of 8′ 2″. Gleaming stainless steel vessel, polished aluminum handrails, and aluminum checker decking on the shooting platform, adjacent walkway and stairway complete the fit and finish and showcase an uncommon craftsmanship and attention to detail.

The 48” high unit has a footprint of 11′ 5″ x 3′, maximum lid-open height of 6′ 2″.

CyberNational’s Bullet Recovery System has been engineered to provide the highest degree of safety, durability and convenience. No other system comes close in features, performance and value. CyberNational is the only company providing a 5-year vessel warranty and 2-year, no-hassle parts warranty.

For more information, download the Bullet Recovery System Brochure.

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