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At CyberNational, we pride ourselves on setting the global benchmark for bullet recovery systems. Our commitment to precision, efficiency, and innovation has positioned us as leaders in the field. With our state-of-the-art design consultation and manufacturing applications, we assist clients worldwide in achieving cutting-edge technological capabilities. Dive into the world of unparalleled accuracy and reliability with CyberNational.

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CyberNational is the premier manufacturer of Bullet Recovery Systems, Bullet Recovery Water Tanks, Pristine Bullet Recovery devices, Self-contained portable shooting laboratories, Brass recovery devices for NIBN applications, Remote-Firing Safety Shooting Devices, Bullet-Resistant Safety Shields, Clearing Devices and related equipment essential to Firearms Examiners in Forensic Laboratories around the globe.

Custom Solutions are Our Specialty

International Installations for 23+ Years. CyberNational is the choice of dozens of international organizations because we listen, accommodate, deliver and stand behind our bullet recovery systems. From individual water tanks to self contained shooting labs, we confidently and expertly provide our international clients exactly what they need in a bullet recovery system.

We can make your vision come true. Let’s brainstorm, design and manufacture the bullet recovery system that effectively serves your organization and community.

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Explore the world of CyberNational through our gallery. Witness the elegance of our designs, the sophistication of our products, and the results of our relentless pursuit of perfection. From our top-of-the-line bullet recovery tanks to our state-of-the-art forensic equipment, get a glimpse of what makes us the preferred choice for experts worldwide.


Portable Remote Firing Cart

The Portable Remote Firing Cart is principally designed to put distance between the examiner and a suspect faulty firearm from any firearm testing location, indoor or outdoor firing range, metal trap or bullet recovery tank. The device is also a means of protecting the examiner from the punishing effects of recoil inflicted by the newer generation of high-power weapons.

The remote platform is mounted on a custom designed cart that rolls out of the way when not in use. Includes an on-board compressor.

For more information, download the Portable Remote Firing Cart Brochure.

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